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Content Rating [m]

If you see the [m] symbol next to a published work then it contains "mature" content. Our content rating system was implemented because Dynamic Patterns has readers of all ages, we feel it is our responsibility to help keep younger readers from mature content. At the same time we do not want to lessen the experience for adult readers or hinder the exposure for authors by making some published work more difficult to access than others. We hope that this simple symbol will meet this responsibility in a reasonable way.

What do we mean by "mature content"? First of all, Dynamic Patterns will not publish any pornographic material or any material that utilizes excessive stong language, excess violence and/or sexual situations in disrespectful or irresponsible ways. Mature content, then, is the use of language, sexual situations and/or violence in reasonable, serious, respectful (etc.) ways that are important to the artistic expression of the literary work.

If you have any comments about our content rating, please let us know. Dynamic Patterns will do our best to facilitate all of our readers so your experience with this on-line literary community will be excellent!

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