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:: Fun & Games by Michael Largo ::

A man with a shovel opened the screen door. His head turned and what was said to someone waiting behind was muffled. He walked in the path of light from the door for fifteen steps before he handed the guy standing clear the plastic bag. Their shadows went deep into the dark woods before he got digging. They didn't say anything.
The woman inside the house was organizing the deeds for property of a Monopoly game. She was thin with stains on her dress, varying size driblets trailing over her shoulder onto her breasts. She poured a sip of beer into a glass before filling the rest with tap water. The cigarette she kept continuously in her mouth, not lit, was becoming soft and soggy. It was her plan to improve her health. As she told Joey, even though they don't have everything, she wanted to be able to enjoy it. What's health without money, she had said before. But not now, not with the new leaf she was turning over. She called for the cat. Looked over to the untouched milk saucer on the floor.

Joey placed the shovel outside the door. Kicked his shoe heels against the top wooden step and turned when the echo of it went out over the long mowed field. It was something how much bigger it was a night. Not much stars breaking the haze. What looked like flashlights coming for him, wasn't nothing to worry about. More early October fireflies in the tall reeds, for godsakes.

"I can't find the card for Baltic Avenue."

"Use a napkin." He sat in the recliner, looked at his fingernails for dirt.

"Have you seen Pockets? He usually comes when I put cream out."

"Are you going to smoke that or just waste it?"

"All I have is skim milk. Maybe he don't like skim milk."

"Would start buying the regular stuff again and get off this kick."

"You want to be the race car or the top hat?"

"Whatever. Roll the dice for me. I'm gonna close my eyes a bit."

"There's no card for Pennsylvania Avenue."

"Place is too damn small for pets, anyway."

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