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:: PIGSTIR by Lily Erlic ::

For my sons, Martin, Jure and Josip and to all the children everywhere!

Once there was a pig named Francy. She lived on a farm with her best friend Moss, the cat.
Francy liked to do somersaults. Moss liked to walk along the fence and watch.

After a rainy day, Francy liked jumping over mud puddles. Moss sat on the fence. Mud splattered on Moss’s face.

Moss jumped on Francy’s back. Francy ran in circles. Sometimes when Francy went to fast, Moss flew into the mud puddle.

They laughed together. Once when Francy was eating her slop, Moss fell in her trough.

When it was hot, Francy rolled in the mud. Moss rolled in it too.

When it was very hot, Francy helped Moss paint the fence rainbow colors.

Francy liked to print the alphabet on the ground. Moss helped Francy print words too.

Francy liked to throw rocks into the mud puddle. Moss tried to catch the rocks.

Francy and Moss liked it when Mrs. Chicken walked by with her baby chicks. The baby chicks would say CHIRP, CHIRP, CHIRP.

Francy and Moss liked to watch the butterflies flap over the pig pen.

They counted ladybugs together.

They gave each other presents on their birthdays.

One day, Francy said she was tired of exercising in her pig pen. She wanted to exercise by the duck pond.
Please unlock the gate, Moss.
The farmers going to get mad, said Moss, hell chase you with a stick!

Francy was sad.
What do I do, then?
Francy put her snout in the mud.

Moss had an idea.
Close your eyes, said Moss.
Moss set up an obstacle course.

He worked day and night until it was done. The pig pen looked like an exercise room.
Can I open my eyes now? asked Francy.

When Francy opened her eyes, she was so happy. She jumped over the barrels. She climbed the rope. She squeezed through the tube.

Mrs. Chicken walked by with her baby chicks. The butterflies flapped over the pig pen.

The Ladybugs landed on the fence. They all came to watch Francy. Moss cheered her on too.

Francy exercised day and night until she was tired.

She fell asleep on her exercise mat. She had a smile on her face. And best of all, she had her arm around her best friend, Moss, the cat.

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