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:: How can I regret? by Tim Nekritz ::

I regret that I have lived in the same area for 30 years and have seen little of the "big picture" nationally or internationally.
I have beautiful Lake Ontario sunsets available every evening, and some of the most beautiful summer days available anywhere. How can I regret?
I regret that I have not yet the "right" woman and fallen in love.
I have the love and support of friends and family, male and female. How can I regret?

I regret that I am not as rich, by material standards, as many people.
I have a nice little house, a car, a job, a bank account, and a cat. And I feel "rich" in other, non-material ways. How can I regret?

I don't have a high-paying, high-profit job with lots of benefits and perks.
I have a job that is enjoyable, where I can use my creativity, and for a cause that I believe in - a festival that makes thousands and thousands of people happy. How can I regret?

I regret the fact that I certainly could have had more fun in the dozen years since I turned 18.
I have a decade to have fun before I turn 40. How can I regret?

I regret that my tired legs and knees, worn down through playing sports, won't let me run competitively or do all the things I may want to do.
I still am active and in fairly good shape. I can still rollerblade, play basketball, golf (sort of), get busy on the racquetball court, climb mountains. How can I regret?

I regret that I am not the most handsome, charismatic, outgoing person in the world.
Many people seem to like me for who I am. How can I regret?

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