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:: In This Now by Linda Etheridge ::

You are everywhere I look, my love...
You exist in the earthen pots of China
the smouldering ashes of Hiroshima
in the navy waters of Mediterranean.
I witness your fine face
draped in shadows of a long past war,
the war is never quite finished
it exists as a constant.
The eloquence of this time together
is blurred by the presence of death,
your embraces are fleeting,
nocturnal caresses, stabs from a bleak corridor.
Left wing, tentative perceptions
our hope for a better world
are stymied, letters are sealed with
wax crosses, we bear no grudge.
I have known you most of my life
beginning at a juncture of courage,
in the end I exist for you
whether in Bombay or Athens
or sitting together at the dock
on Lake Chenango.
There is fine symmetry of passion
I wear indigo and lace, ribbons of lust,
your earthy scent spirals me
into a mesh of kindness.
There are no traps or tarnished tangle
we remain in flight torwards truth.

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