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:: Attachments by Tasha Jones ::

If only you'd left me with nothing
instead of this wordless embrace
with thoughts too quiet to pinpoint
and intentions too hard to trace
Trying to find an emotion
that may just as well never have been
Searching for some kind of ending
from something that never learned to begin

Lost in indefinite conclusion
wound up in an attempt to find
a thread that gives sense to the madness
a reason for all of that time

If only you'd left me with nothing
instead of this silent reproach
with wrongs never to be righted
blames, accusations that you never spoke

Leaving me with no way to amend
no salve to work over a wound
no chance at gaining forgiveness
trapped in a windowless room

Wishing for solid conclusions
even if they amount to pain
it would be better to suffer, heal and move on
than to believe that there wasn't a change

When you went and left me with something
that I could neither define nor use
with wretched unspoken words of parting
"what you don't have, you cannot lose".

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