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:: Fire And Ice by Michelle K. Nanan ::

Here On The Lake Of Love,
Two Forbidden Hearts Lie
Burning Yet Drowning By Their Temperatures
Listen The Quietness Lurks
Where Hidden Tears Are Withheld By Her Blue Encirclement
Breathes The Air Of Freedom These Two Stifled Souls Fly
Soaring Like A Lost Leaf
Getting Closer Each Time Yet Painfully Drawn Further Apart
Meeting By The Moonlight, Yet Melting In Their Touch-
The Forest Knows, The Animals Share Their Sorrow,
The Wind, Holds Their Heart

Their Song Played Foolishly By Raindrops
Their Secret Moments Invaded By The Counting Hands Of Time
The Silence Whispers For One Shared Deprived Kiss,
The Appetite Of Life, A Severe Penalty For Such A Innocent Crime

The Passion Princess Caught, In The Flame Of Her Fire
Crying In Matches Laden Tears,
For That One Guarded Moment Of Truth
Igniting In Sacrificial Love
For The Ice Prince Of Her Fiery Heart's Burning Desire

Together, Trapped In The Cast Against Nature,
The Trees Sigh, Begging For Their Will Not To Be Done
But The Bow Of Cupid Is Arched
And Sets Off Into The Sun
Then There's A Peaceful Sizzle
And Their Chastity Ends Forever
.....As Fire An Ice Become One...

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