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:: Trinkets by Tasha Jones ::

He said:
"You're not one of those
flowery word
pretty prose
and picture poets"
(Unknowing he was making poetry himself)
And was gracious, all in all,
considering that I'd offended him
with what I'd wrote
almost mere moments before
unwittingly, of course
but damage done is damage done
And the funny thing
is that I'd never thought of that before.

I'd always seen myself
as florid and emotional,
and my works as pretty little trinkets
that you might hang
a ribbon or a sentiment
(Unknowing I was making injury myself)
not something that you would strive
to hang yourself with.

Funny, the things we miss.
And it was true, all in all
when I considered everything I wrote.
Nothing pretty about it,
pages filled with cringes
and edges to slice against
unwittingly, of course
but damage done is damage done,

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