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:: Cadillac Market by Marie Kazalia ::

1:30 a.m.
half hour before closing time
can’t decide
if that’s a woman
dressed as a man
or a man dressed
as a woman
big -- tall
in tight
red vinyl pants
but what she did
with women or with men
the question on my mind
watching he/she
drugged high
buying 8 candy bars
throws down
a wadded twenty
all kinds of pins & do-dads
in her afro frizz bun
holds a rolled
X-rated magazine page exposed
woman’s face mouth open
in a suggestive moan
This taking much longer
than expected
waiting on her to decide
to buy chips
for an additional quarter
or a cinnamon roll
I’m wearing slippers
a long black velvet coat
I finally pay for my 2 liter Coke
go back to the hotel
2 doors down
up to my room on the 2nd floor
put the Coke in the fridge
prepare for another long night

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