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:: My light by Jennifer Ebersold ::

A lonely dark room
is where I alone sit
no one has a key
but a key would not fit.
A door around my heart
shut tight and locked well
and in this dark room
I lay where I once fell.
No windows to look out
no magic to feel
no feelings to hold
and no emotions to steal.
I tell myself often
"There is no need to fight"
as I shake away the loneliness
as day turns to night...
A knock on this door
brought light to this place
and in this faint light
I first saw your face.
I ran to my corner
afraid of any pain
tears streaming my cheeks
like falling spring rain.
I dusted myself off
from confusion and fears
I began standing up
and wiping my tears.
I built up my courage
and afraid and unsure
I took my first step
and walked toward the door.
I reached out my hand
and we walked, you and I
I felt at that moment
so light I could fly.
Everything seemed brighter
I started to care
and everything that meant anything
I wanted to share.
My heart so dusty and worn
seemed so new
that's when I realized
I was in love with you.

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