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:: Catchin' Sum Zees by Don Barbera ::

Yes, our friend
has been duped.
No one told him that dying was stupid
Out on the street,
he went for bad,
A good kid, and that's why it's so sad

That now he's
lying in the street
with white chalk marks around his feet,
and the rest of him
as far as that goes
from a police outline and nobody knows
who shot poor
Willie to death
everyone split, there's nobody left.

But nobody, including
him was surprised,
you could tell it from the look in his eyes
You see no one ever told him
this was the way it would be
that he'd wind up in a chalk outline,
face down in the street.
The crowd gathers round,
inspects him like a piece of meat
looking at the pools of blood
and bullet cases by his feet.

Yeah. Willie and Reebok
Boy, what a pair
The crowd shakes its head, nobody cares.
Willie liked pistols,
they made his mind trip
He didn't cut any slack and he took no lip
This is the most sleep
sweet Willie ever got
Too bad he could only get it, after he was shot

Now he gets all the rest
he needs sleeping in the street
and he looks peaceful,
like his mind is at ease
Until you notice the
blood around his head
You know Willie isn't resting. Willie is dead.

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