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:: The Naming by Susan Fridkin ::

We named you
for the sake of tradition.
The rabbi said a blessing,
grandparents cried
as great-grandparents live on
in your name.

We named you
for Zada's mother
who was the first to assimilate
when she changed her name
to Rose, on Ellis Island.

We named you
for the dark eyes
I dreamed you'd have
just like your father.

We named you
for the two sisters
who loved one man
with all their heart
but loved each other
heart and soul.

We named you
for what you'd become
whatever the outcome.
We placed our hope
in your hopes, before
you were born.

We named you
for the song
that will remember
everything: Yiddish
Hebrew, broken English,
all rolled into one voice
that belongs to a world of faith.

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