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:: Cruento Luna by Scott Frank ::

I. Darkness

like a midnight tree, you stand forth
worn from time, you understand
i would bleed to see the moon on your face
the darkness i embrace
within you
the chosen, the few
in my arms
the blood will trickle down into my mouth
someday i will taste it
it's already inside me like a seed
growing while i twist, turn, and writhe
i'm cold and hollow inside now
someday the blood will fill me
your warmth
how many ways can i say the dark
i feel it
like a pool of blood, i bathe in the feeling
beaten and dirty, i scream from within
i would drown to taste it... to just consume
the blood i embrace
from you
the power, the strength
put forth
the darkness will crawl forth
someday i will bask in it
it's already inside you like a flame
burning while i search endlessly
are you cracking inside?
someday the darkness will drown in you
my blood
how many times can i fail before
i know it's
the world is absent of light
only the blackest of nights can
i feel whole and know
that beyond all laws and morals
that beyond all ethics and commandments
that my will is my guide.
i thrive in your shadows
i hunger in your deep red oblivion
drowning at the concept of it
how do you feel?
what do you think?
i would share almost anything
with you.
and forevermore would i
wipe it from your face
in hope i could someday
guide you to happiness.
"hoc est signum sangre meum"

II. Torment

what am i who is this what have i been
i bash myself in the head
and scream at you to get out
out of my head because
i know only you can save me
from this death i'm swimming to
your blood
   your darkness
      your compassion
it's all i can hold onto in this place
i have no hope anymore
i'll probably end up
in an institution
sometimes i'm just holding on
for insurance
is it alright if i hold onto you?
i don't even see a way out
pay my bills then hit the road
kill my debts then
fuck everything else
god... i used to be so strong

III. Resolution

from the chaos of hopelessness
a hand reaches out to me
i knew already what must be done
but the solution
came at a different angle this time
your shadow, a close friend
my will, a guide.
your blood may never trickle into my mouth
but your flame is of my kin.
your strength is within.
my desire is for you
to stand alongside
my true family.
children of the fires
children of the black light
children of the darkness
children of the blood
children of the ebon flame
come forth!
"to rise and kill
to show the world an iron will"
fallen not from grace
fallen only from the blind
fallen into reality
to know freedom
to know truth
so join us
watch as the fires burn brighter
in our souls
watch as the herd consumes
and as we take our place
as the rightful
rulers of this sphere
come, beautiful darkchild
come, sister
know thyself.

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